May & September | UTM & Signify “Lighting Cities” knowledge-exchange program

In the quest to address integrated solutions to curb carbon emissions and support well-being of communities, the Urban Transitions Mission is partnering with global lighting solution leader Signify, to host four (virtual) sessions of a knowledge-exchange program focusing on public indoor and outdoor lighting technologies and integrated solutions for cities over May and September, 2024.

These sessions, designed to share knowledge, build capacity, and evaluate the impact of these lighting solutions, will address topics such as safety and security, connected lighting systems, circular lighting principles, and innovations in public building renovations. The program comprises:

Session 1 (23 May) REGISTER HERE
The co-benefits of well-planned and well-managed city lighting and the role of public outdoor lighting for safety and security

  • Design integrated and harmonized lighting, enhancing the value of city through lighting master-planning.
  • Free up electricity to enable electrification and support the energy transition, converging energy saving with economic and cultural identity needs.
  • Light the night to make citizens feel protected, reducing micro-criminality and traffic security without wasting energy.

Sessions 2 (30 May)REGISTER HERE
Manage, monitor, and control lighting with connected and integrated solutions

  • Optimize outdoor space lighting through data management, IoT and digital solutions.
  • Use smart lighting technology to manage peaks and network congestion, to handle in real-time faults and outage, to adjust lighting levels and cutting waste based on people and traffic density.
  • Offer 5G/WiFi/LiFi connectivity through existing lighting network infrastructure, integrating sensors and device in open and scalable future-ready platform.
  • Select connected platform enabling data security and protect against cyber-threats.

Session 3 (12 Sept)REGISTER HERE
Reducing environmental impacts through circular lighting principles & plans

  • Explore Ultra Energy Efficient lighting solutions and technology trends and developments.
  • Enhance renewable energy with pure and hybrid solar street lighting, provide lighting where grid is not available or expensive to build.
  • Consider long term perspective with upgradable, reparable, recyclable designed solutions and efficient use of materials including 3D printing manufacturing.
  • Investigate the potential consequences of excessive and wrong artificial light at night on human and wildlife health, understanding the ecological impact of lighting pollution.

Session 4 (19 Sept)REGISTER HERE
Innovations for public building renovations and advanced indoor lighting solutions

  • Combine natural and artificial lighting in buildings, supporting circadian biorhythm and enhancing comfort.
  • Acknowledge the benefits of good lighting design for health and well-being of people living indoor.
  • Enhance experience for museums, theatres, exhibitions, events.
  • Create smart and dynamic learning and education environment in schools.

Each session will focus on a specific aspect and will last 90 minutes, including an introduction to the topic, an intervention of an expert from Signify, and the experience of a UTM city on that specific field, followed by an interactive discussion. Guiding questions will be shared with the agenda well ahead of each session, to allow cities to identify the right participants and prepare ahead of the training.

In the framework of the UTM Global Innovation Summit, planned to take place on the first or second week of October in Brussels, selected cities will have the opportunity to visit the Outdoor Lighting Application Center (OLAC) in Lyon, France on October 2024 (dates TBC).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to UTM Team via

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