City Cohort

Support, guidance & tools

The Mission will support a growing cohort of cities to accelerate their journey towards net-zero in a global and thriving environment. The Mission will identify support, guidance and tools, broker access to knowledge from global partners across sectors, and connect with national governments to foster engagement and urban innovation. Thanks to the creation of a global community of practice, cities engaged in the Mission will be able to connect, exchange and learn from each other how to strengthen their climate strategies.

What does a participating city get from the Mission

  • A globally designed framework helping cities to strengthen their own climate plans and strategies, prioritise actions, and reap the benefits of systemic approaches to reach their net-zero target.
  • A global platform for knowledge exchange, that provides cities with direct access to good practices, integrated solutions, peer-learning opportunities and guidance for each step of their city climate journey.
  • Help to identify needs-based solutions in partnerships with the UTM Global Innovation Alliance, other Missions and in collaboration with other cities across the globe, also granting high international visibility.
  • The opportunity to apply innovation, test, pilot and scale up solutions and to access dedicated R&I funding and capacity building via the MICall series.
  • Engagement with the national level to foster innovation, access climate finance and collaborative governance models.

How will a participating city engage​

  • Revising their existing climate and energy action plans and prioritise actions to reach net-zero. Cities will showcase their innovation and progress via existing reporting commitments.
  • Serving as both a solution provider to support net-zero pathways – inspiring, applying solutions, and as an innovation hub – identifying R&I gaps and challenges to help other cities in the urban transition to net-zero.
  • Participating in the Annual Innovation Summit and engaging in knowledge-transfer and capacity building opportunities with other UTM cities to accelerate their journey to net-zero.
  • Engaging in dialogue with the national government and the Mission’s Global Innovation Alliance.


97 Cities engaged with
the Urban Transitions Mission