The Urban Transitions Mission
Net-zero, resilient and people-centred cities
The Urban Transitions Mission
Net-zero, resilient and people-centred cities

About Us

Delivering urban pathways to net-zero

The Urban Transitions Mission (UTM) will mobilise decision makers across all levels of government to prioritise climate-neutral and net-zero pathways enabled by clean energy and systemic innovation across all sectors and in urban governance.

By accelerating capacity-building and closing the gap between research, development and deployment, the Mission will empower cities to adopt innovative solutions and help reach tipping points in the cost and scale of those solutions for urban transitions.

Launched at COP26, the UTM is one of the seven missions of Mission Innovation. Mission Innovation is a global initiative catalysing a decade of action and investment in research, development and demonstration to make clean energy affordable, attractive and accessible for all.

Our Goal

UTM is currently working with 50 ambitious cities worldwide.
By 2030, these pathways will be validated by an additional 250 cities.

Our Global Innovation Alliance

We mobilise a Global Innovation Alliance of partners, and national governments to support cities to develop, pilot, and scale innovative solutions and approaches for urban transitions.

The UTM is co-led by the European Commission, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, and JPI Urban Europe.

Our Approach

Engaging UTM Cities

The Cohort

The Mission has launched an open call for cities to join the UTM City cohort! Join the cohort of 50 cities already engaged in UTM, and apply to become part of the next 250 cities selected to engage with UTM starting from 2024. Apply now and join our frontrunners worldwide.


With the support of the Urban Transitions Mission Centre - a global knowledge exchange platform, our Mission empowers our cities to shape their own transition with a robust knowledge base and strong net-zero community of support and exchange.

Our Pillars

Brokering solutions, approaches, and knowledge for net-zero transitions at each stage of a city climate action journey

Innovative Net-Zero Urban Transition

We help develop and mainstream an integrated approach for urban transitions, and achieve stronger multi-level governance to achieve the net-zero urban transition.

Capacity Building and Funding for the Net-Zero Urban Transition

We increase access to evidence, good practice, networking and funding opportunities for cities worldwide and establish a forum for international exchange and cooperation on urban transitions.

Research and Innovation (R&I) Needs for the Global Net-Zero Transition

We help cities to be solutions providers, and aggregate the demand for R&I at the global level, increasing the speed and scale of deployment of net-zero development.

Why join us ?

A globally designed framework
helping cities to strengthen their own climate plans and strategies, prioritise actions, and reap the benefits of systemic approaches to reach their net-zero target. Cities will showcase their innovation and progress via existing reporting commitments.

A global platform for knowledge exchange,
that provides cities with direct access to good practices, integrated solutions, peer-learning opportunities and guidance for each step of their city climate journey.

Help to identify needs-based solutions in partnerships with the UTM Global Innovation Alliance, other Missions and in collaboration with other cities across the globe, also granting high international visibility.

The opportunity to apply innovation, test, pilot and scale up solutions and to access dedicated capacity building and R&I funding, and to participate in the Annual Innovation Summit

Engagement with the national level to foster innovation, access climate finance and collaborative governance models.

GCoM and the Urban Transitions Mission at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum 2022

One year on from the launch of Mission Innovation 2.0, UTM joined the stage at the Global Clean Energy Action Forum 2022 to announce new commitments to dramatically accelerate innovation and cooperation

News & Events

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